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Occupational Therapy

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to do everyday tasks such as opening jars, peeling potatoes or pruning the roses!

You may be one of the 8.5 million people in the UK who suffer with osteoarthritis.  Osteoarthritis affecting the hands, particularly the thumbs, can be painful but there are ways to help ease the pain.

At Bow House we now have an Occupational Therapist as a member of our team.

Occupational Therapists are trained health professionals who help people of all ages overcome physical, social and psychological problems arising from illness or disability.

Our OT can provide advice on joint protection labour saving techniques, exercise and splinting to help ease the discomfort caused by arthritis.  Splints can help to rest and support painful, swollen joints, for example, a wrist or thumb splint may improve grip if these joints are painful or unstable.

The OT can tailor make a thermoplastic splint to offer this support.

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