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Tel: 01458 253388

Foot Health Practitioner

Our Foot Health Practitioner brings us the modern professional way to care for common conditions of the feet and legs.  From simple toe nail cutting to other conditions such as:-

Corns, callous, verrucae, Athlete's Foot, Fungal Nail, Moccasin Foot (Athlete's foot of the sole), Injured Nails, Thickened nails, Fissures and cracked skin, Swollen legs and feet, Diabetic feet, circulatory disorders, Plantar fasciitis and heel spur, Hammer, claw and mallet toe conditions, Flat feet, Pressure points.  Also cryopathy (freezing of verruca) and prescription orthotics.

Toenail cutting

We offer a straightforward service for those unable to manage for themselves for whatever reason.

Holistic Approach

For those who prefer a holistic approach without the use of chemical based products our Practitioner can offer a treatment using the following:-

Aromatherapy Oils, Herbal based products (gels, creams or lotions) Foot massage.

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